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About Us

We work exclusively for you the customer. We do NOT represent or work for any car dealer!

We are professional car brokers/negotiators that will save you time and money. We only represent the customer & have their best interest at heart. We locate the vehicle & negotiate on your behalf. With over 30 years of knowledge in car buying negotiations and dealer relationships  our advice is world class.

Not sure if you want to buy or lease?


  • We give you a FREE consultation and ADVISE you on your best options for your exact wants and needs
  • Buying a New car
  • Leasing a New car
  • Buying a Pre-Owned car
  • Trading in your car

Car Broker and Car Buying Service


Finding the car you want and getting the best possible price is just one part of the transaction.

We also negotiate bank & lease rates along with other add ons and other ways the dealer makes a profit from their business office.

We also negotiate and get MORE for your trade GUARANTEED!

We keep you in the loop every step of the way and are completely transparent in the way we do business. 

We save you money, time and hassle


Save three ways with us!

  • We save our customers from several hundreds to several thousands of dollars per transaction.

  • We save our customers several hours of their valuable time by not going through the hassle of visiting dealerships, dealing with salespeople and getting the run around.

  • We save our customers from all the stress and aggravation that most people have when purchasing a vehicle.